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The Vintage Books podcast – The Power of Queer Reading, June 2021


The Pride Power List 2020

The WOW Podcast with Jude Kelly, August 2020

Conversations On Love, June 2020


BBC Beyond Today, Drag Race: What's It Done For Queer Culture?, November 2019

Shakespeare and Company books Podcast, November 2019

The High Low – on 'straight Pride', June 2019

Guardian Today Podcast – on rising hate crimes, June 2019

BBC Radio 4 Front Row – 'Queer books of the 2000s'

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour – on coming out to your parents, June 2019

Press for We Can Do Better Than This: 

Stonewall – interview, July 2021


The Observer – Beth Ditto excerpt, June 2021

Vogue – JW Anderson excerpt, June 2021

VICE – Olly Alexander excerpt, June 2021

The Face – interview, June 2021

Gay Times – books of the year, July 2021

Attitude – book of the month, June 2021

Stylist – 'books that will blow your mind this summer', May 2021


Press for Queer Intentions:

ELLE – ‘10 things’, July issue – ‘10 things we’re loving this week’, March 2019

Observer Magazine – 'what my queer journey taught me about love' – print and online, May 2019 – extract, May 2019

Stylist – featured in the 'Style List', May 2019

Them.Us – ‘This Book Digs Into The Most Pressing Questions Queer People Face Today', July 2019

DIVA –  ‘what we’re reading’ – February issue, interview, June issue

The i – 'Gay stereotypes and the pressures LGBT+ people can feel', June 2019

The Herald – review – print and online, June 2019

Time Out – ‘queer and now’, July 2019

Grazia – ‘How to be an LGBTQ+ ally’, July 2019

Dazed – 11 New LGBTQ Books to Read in 2019, Jan 2019  

VICE – interview – 'Assimilation is changing what it means to be queer', May

Dazed – interview –'This is modern, living history of what it means to be queer', May 2019

The Big Issue – 5 books to read this Pride month, May 2019

Queer Bible – author interview, May 2019  

Refinery29 – extract – 'Pink Runways & Strip Lighting: My First Time At DragCon'

i-D – extract – 'What partying with sex workers taught me about queer visibility' 

Vogue International –   '50 Years After Stonewall: Why The Fight For LGBTQ+ Rights Still Isn’t Over'


The Face – 13 queer films to watch’, June 2019

The i – 'Stonewall at 50', June 2019

Sleek Mag – interview, June 2019

Bustle –  interview, June 2019

Stylist – ‘best LGBTQ+ books to read this pride month and beyond’, 2019

i-D – ‘The best things to watch, see and do this week in the UK’ 

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